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5 Destinations I’d Love to Revisit

Milford Sound

As part of the - Top Destinations to Go There promotion, I've been invited to share five of my favourite destinations that I've been before and would love to revisit. I thought this was going to be easy, but as I reminisced over wonderful travel memories, narrowing down my favourites proved to be quite the challenge!

Don't stress guys, it sure was tough but I managed to reduce it down to my top no particular order - that would be way too hard to decide!

1. Palawan, the Philippines


Palawan, a province in the west of the Philippines, probably didn't know what had hit it when four of us on a girl's trip explored the region for three weeks a couple of years back. We spent our days island-hopping from one pristine beach to the next, and danced the nights away drinking copious amounts of pineapple juice with local coconut rum. Throw in a bit of music on the beach and a midnight swim or two, and you have the recipe for what might be the most perfect girls' trip ever. We need to plan a reunion, asap!

2. Langkawi, Malaysia


Even though I was on this beautiful island just a mere few weeks ago, I'm already thinking about when I will revisit Langkawi. To me, Langkawi was paradise! Perfect beaches, incredible waterfalls, easy roads for scootering around but rugged enough that you feel like you're truly discovering the island. We spent nine glorious nights there and I can't even begin to explain how sad I was to leave. Langkawi is the kind of place that you lose track of time in the best way possible, I've never felt so relaxed in my life as I was there.

3. Tortuguero, Costa Rica


It takes a long time to get to Tortuguero village, a tiny and remote township on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. This peaceful part of the world has no cars, let alone roads, so you get around by boat and foot. Tortuguero was a wonderful place to recharge, with serene landscapes, lush jungle and plenty of wildlife. As the name suggests, Tortuguero is known for the beach on one side of the village where thousands of sea turtles visit to lay their eggs every year. Unfortunately we were there at the wrong time of year to have much chance of seeing turtles, so I'd love to revisit Tortuguero to see the baby turtles waddling down the beach!

4. India


India had me captivated since I first ever visited when I was 14, spending a week in Mumbai with my family. I've already revisited as an adult when I backpacked through the country with some friends and my brother two years ago. Despite spending nearly two months there and loving it, I'm desperate to go back again (and I'm sure again and again after that!). India is such an enormous country that I still feel as though I've barely scratched the surface - I'm yet to visit Hampi, Darjeeling, Pondicherry, much of Goa, the list goes on! India is on our travel radar next year, and I can't wait!

5. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound

Before I visited earlier this year, I had never been to Milford Sound! As one of New Zealand's most popular tourist destinations I was more than excited to visit, and was certainly not disappointed - Milford Sound is stunning! We visited on a wet April day, though Milford Sound is one of those wonderful places where its better to visit when its raining, as the waterfalls become even more impressive. Mind you, its not hard to get to Milford on a rainy day as it is one of the rainiest places on earth! Such a spectacular and serene landscape, I need to get back to convince myself this place is real - its that beautiful.

I'm nominating the following five travel bloggers to share their top five destinations they would love to return to - can't wait to see where you pick! Petra & Shaun of The Global Couple, Leanne of Broke in the Big Smoke, Greg & Katy of Our Dream Adventure, Alissa of The Living Spree, Sara of Big World, Small Me.

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I'd love to know - where have you visited that you would love to return to?

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    1. Milford Sound is incredible! I finally managed to explore some of the South Island earlier this year – despite growing up in Nelson I hadn’t often ventured further south than Christchurch. Sometimes the temptation to visit other countries can make me forget to explore my own!

    1. The Philippines is amazing! I’ve only spent time in Palawan so am super keen to go back and explore more of the country too 🙂

  1. Ahh I really wish I’d had a liiiitle bit more time in Costa Rica and I definitely would have gone to Tortuguero! I guess just because it was a little challenging to get to it didn’t seem like it was worth it when I didn’t have much longer to spend in the country. Nice list! I wish to go to all of these places one day 🙂

    1. Tortuguero definitely is a bit of a mission to get to! There were heaps of places in Costa Rica I didn’t have time to get to as well. Oh well, good enough reason to go back again!

  2. The pictures you chose to represent these places are stunning! Sadly, I haven’t been to any of them yet, but New Zealand in particular of these is high on my list. I have two friends who moved there for a year a few years ago, and since seeing all their pictures and hearing their stories, it’s been a dream destination for me.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Marni! New Zealand is a pretty wonderful country, but I may be bias being from there and all! 🙂

  3. I’m SUCH a sucker for revisiting places – I just never get bored of going back to the same places. I’ve had to force myself to go to a different part of the world so that I can start exploring something new 😀 Langkawi is pretty high on my list of places I want to visit!

    1. Totally, its lovely going back to places you already know and love! Langkawi is amazing – one of my favourite places ever – I’ll be writing about it on the blog soon! 🙂

  4. Of all the places I’ve visited that I would like to return to Okinawa, because it combines two things I love: Japan and beaches. That said, I didn’t explore as much of the prefecture as I would have liked. But region does seem to have a culture somewhat different from the rest of Japan so I would like to explore it.

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