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Our travel plans for the rest of 2014

Or, should I say our very loose travel plans for the rest of 2014!

Nearly two months ago (how time flies!), Alan and I set off on our long-term travel adventure, with the idea that we would spend about a year slowly backpacking through Asia.

We have our travel over the next few months loosely planned out, followed by a list of countries about a mile long that we would like to explore!

I thought I would quickly jot down our plans - as it will be interesting to look back on and see how closely we stick to them. I am a firm believer in that plans change, so by no means am I expecting our travels to look exactly like this! However, it gives us a solid starting point.

Hanoi 5

If you have visited any of these countries and can give us some recommendations or tips please get in touch!

August 26th - September 23rd


Well, that ones not going to change because we have already completed that leg of the journey! You can read the posts I have written so far on Indonesia here, here and here.

September 23rd - early November

MALAYSIA (where we are currently!)

We flew from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur on September 23rd, and we have to enter Thailand in the first few days of November. I am so excited to be exploring Malaysia again, I was lucky enough to travel there with my family as a child and am positive that I caught the travel bug on that trip. We have already changed our plans for Malaysia slightly as we have just returned to Malaysia from 5 days in Singapore!

Early November - December 29th


We plan on a good couple of months in Thailand. We have to be very careful about the date we enter in early November (we will be crossing by land from northern Malaysia) as we have 60 day visas already and have booked a flight out of Bangkok to Wuhan, China! We plan on entering on November 1st by sea (from Langkawi, Malaysia). We will be spending November on Koh Samui, following that a week or so in Bangkok to obtain our China visas, but the rest is fairly flexible.

Dec 29th 2014 - mid/late January 2015


We are going to China for a good friend of mine’s wedding! I am so looking forward to meeting her extended family and experiencing some real Chinese culture (and incredible food!). We fly into Wuhan, and are planning to travel for about three weeks before flying out of Beijing. Its going to be freezing there which will be a shock to the system after months in tropical South East Asia!

2015 Plans

Beyond China, we only have a very vague plan. We will likely fly back to Southeast Asia and explore Northern Thailand (if we don’t get there in Nov/Dec), Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar over the course of a few months. The Philippines is also on the cards. Following Southeast Asia I am dying to get back to India and explore more of that country I love (most of the time!). Sri Lanka and Nepal are also high on the list.


There is a never-ending list of countries constantly being added to my wishlist. Central Asia and Eastern Europe are nagging at me on a daily basis - so we will see how everything pans out!

Of course, our plans are very dependent on budget! I also like the idea of slowing down every so often - racing from place to place is exhausting, rushed and uncomfortable - not to mention expensive. I am looking forward to our upcoming month in one place in Thailand, beyond that I’m not sure where our next longer-term stay will be, but I am sure there will be one!

Do you have any travel plans for the rest of the year?

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    1. Thanks Casey! I am very excited about our upcoming travel, however I must say I am also very envious of you living so close to Disney World – going to Harry Potter World there is literally my life dream!

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