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A Magical Morning at Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Despite our fairly eventful journey before and after our visit to Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia, I'm so thankful we made the effort to experience the sheer beauty that this part of the world beholds.

The sunrise from our viewpoint on Mount Peninjakan was beautiful. However, sharing it with hundreds of other people pushing and shoving to take their own photos was, uh, a bit annoying. Believe what you read if you come across other blogs suggesting to do a self-guided tour and offering alternative sunrise viewpoints - like Kristin's tips from Be My Travel Muse - take my advice to take their advice!

Bromo sunrise




If you had to pick between a sunrise and a sunset, what would you choose? I enjoyed our sunrise experience but have to admit that my preference is a dazzling sunset with wine in one hand, cheese in the other. Just sayin'.

My favourite part of the morning was climbing Mount Bromo itself and peering down into the steaming crater below - it was incredible! The landscape was like nothing I've ever seen before, it felt like a cross between a desert, some sort of prehistoric setting, and what I imagine standing on the moon might be like.



To get from the sunrise viewpoint to Mount Bromo we piled back into our jeep and waited out the jeep traffic jam to get moving. You don't get anywhere fast in this part of the world!


Being so high above sea level (2,329m at the top of Mount Bromo, to be exact) the morning was chilly, so I wrapped up in my winter woolies - but as soon as the sun came out it warmed up quickly. Problem was, it was so dusty (technically very fine volcanic sand), I didn't want to peel any layers off for the sake of getting even more of my clothes covered in dust. So I sweated it out on the walk to the top in my own personal sauna, my Kathmandu puffer jacket.











I mentioned how dusty it was, right?


While our time visiting Mount Bromo was short, it was still perfectly sweet. I'm so glad we made the effort to get there, see the sunrise, climb the mountain and have a wee peek inside a live volcano. A truly magical and unforgettable part of the world!

Have you been to Mount Bromo? Sunrise or sunset - what's your favourite?

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  1. Wow, the number of people there is crazy! I never would have expected that kind of place to be a tourist nightmare. It looks like a cool destination though.

    1. I couldn’t believe how many people were there either – it felt so remote yet it was crazy busy! So worth fighting the crowds to see though 🙂

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